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June 12, 2019
Trends and Topics in Print Media
July 24, 2019

Access at E3: Insights and Takeaways

Every year, tens of thousands convene in Los Angeles for the annual video game convention, E3. This year over 66,000 exhibitors, journalists, content creators, investors, analysts and the most passionate hardcore fans walked the electric avenues inside the LA Convention Center in a transitory city of games-made-real by their publishers. The booths capture the future of what gaming could be, with each out-competing the next as stationary parade floats, built to astound attendees with lights, sounds, life-sized manifestations of beloved franchises, and the promise of an exclusive taste of experiences no one else can try yet.

Our team at Access was once again excited to support our long-time client – 2K – at E3 from the Borderlands 3 booth. It’s a tentpole moment to host hundreds of journalists and content creators as they experience the brand and the upcoming game.

At E3, we hit the ground running. Everyone was primed with excitement from four days of press conferences that prelude the convention with big announcements. During the Microsoft Press Conference we all buzzed about Keanu Reeves’ surprise appearance, reveled in each announcement as fans of gaming, and were thrilled by the reveal of free story content for Borderlands 2.

From our combined efforts, 2K saw strong media coverage and social mentions, with media enjoying their time with the demo. The 2K booth was the size of a city block and throughout the week gamers lined up to be among the first to play Borderlands 3. Meanwhile, content creators broadcasted their experiences from the booth for everyone who couldn’t attend in person.

E3 is a unique and lively experience, and as with many moments for PR to shine, one of the best parts of E3 is the people. 2K sends amazing PR pros from around the world, while meeting and catching up with media and content creators is priceless. You can’t meet all 66,000 attendees, but with every E3 the circle of relationships widens a bit more and you get to experience the amazing gaming community.

Being a part of E3 takes countless hours of planning, and then when you’re on the floor and in the moment, time stands still while the clock races. When done right, E3’s structured chaos is a ladder to a job well done and a “we did it together” high-five after the show. You earned it. Supporting 2K at E3 is always an exciting moment for the Access team and we love seeing everyone’s hard work come to fruition.

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