Instagram TV and Video Content as Queen
November 13, 2018
Where Has The Creativity Gone In Super Bowl Advertising?
December 14, 2018

About The Access Point

The Access Point is the official blog of Access Brand Communications, where we deliver content and access channels to drive sales and create stickiness for our clients.
At Access, our mission is to impact every life we encounter. Through The Access Point, our mission is to educate, entertain and engage. The Access Point aims to uncomplicate the complicated as we explore the roles of brands, communications and their impact on society.
The blog explores issues related to communications strategy, brand reputation (including issues and crisis management), and the intersections of commerce, creativity and culture. We celebrate free speech and the freedom of the press and the evolving nature of trust—and truth. We poke at business culture and the changing nature of work. We will also celebrate our clients and our staff, and share research and insights. We hope to provide helpful guidance along the way. We look forward to your thoughts. Bob Osmond, GM, client services
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