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a good culture isn’t dictated, it’s developed

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes this place so special but we know it starts and ends with our people.

And while culture can’t be clearly and strictly defined or mandated, we all firmly believe the core of who we are is based on people who want to work together and accomplish great things.

To keep us pointed in the right direction, we’ve created some critical culture compass points which guide our daily lives and keep us grounded in who we are.

work with heart

Simply means that we surround ourselves with people who treat their co-workers like friends and family. We pitch in to help, we dive in to brainstorm. We celebrate our successes and work together to fix things that aren’t going as planned. We consider each other as much as we think of ourselves. We give to receive and we lead with heart and purpose when we interact with our co-workers, our clients, the media and our agency partners.

friendships further the work

We laugh. All. Day. Long. We give each other support and we give each other shit. We’re in the trenches together in order to get you in the headlines. Because ultimately, we believe that you do your best work when you are surrounded by people who care for you — it’s through friendship that the work gets better. And when the work gets better, the results get better.

be who you are (BWYA)

Cookie cutter PR types need not apply. We want you for you. We laud quirky and embrace differences. It’s only through diversity in personality and culture and spirit that we can offer our clients and partners a fully robust experience that’s rooted in the idea that what you bring to the table, to your teams, to your relationships is unique. And by fully embracing all of our personality quirks and unique visions and styles we can ensure everyone brings the best of who they are to work. With this spirit we can accomplish great things.

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